What Can SNO Do For You?

As a Certified Dietary Manager, Director of Nursing responsible for managing patients' or residents' diets, Administrator for a long-term healthcare facility or Food Service Director at a hospital, corrections facility, or educational institution, you have a high-demand job.

SNO can help you with the strategic, compliance, and everyday tactical sides of your job.

In minutes, you can be ready to log into SNO over the Internet and start using this award-winning solution for full-scope dietary management – beginning with menu planning, food ordering, a library of 3,500+ recipes, 86,000+ menu extensions, production steps, HACCP compliance guidance, and nutritional and caloric values.

Once your residents' therapeutic diet requirements, likes and dislikes, allergies, and consistency and eating utensil requirements are in the SNO dietary and nutrition management solution, you can produce their tray tickets with the click of a mouse – fresh with every meal – and you can monitor their weight changes and instantly adapt their meal plans to suit their changing preferences, medical conditions, or weight changes.

Learn more about our SNO Nutrition and Dietary Management solution today. Call us at 888-773-5521.

Benefits Of SNO Dietary Management

1. Reduce Cost – SNO's SmartRecipes™ scale automatically by calculating quantities based upon your exact diet census. The combination of scaled recipes, automatically generated food Order Forms, based upon precise numbers of specific diet meals, and Production Guides eliminate costly food waste.

2. Improve Resident Satisfaction – With SNO's 86,000+ menu extensions, 3,500+ recipes and the ability to track residents' individual preferences for meals and supplements, you are sure to win high praise from your residents and their families.

3. Avoid Compliance Risk – With data encryption, password-protected user profiles, and time-stamped audit trails, SNO supports HIPAA compliance and reduces your risk. For federal and state inspections, accurate records and reports on residents' therapeutic diets and weight changes also reduce risk by validating your compliance with physician and dietitian instructions, and the HACCP steps in SNO's Preparation Guides validate your compliance with food safety regulations.

4. Increase Operating Efficiency – By replacing plastic tray cards with SNO's system-generated paper tray card system you can eliminate the cumbersome inefficiency of washing, drying, sorting, and manually updating cards. SNO's comprehensive report library can help streamline the management of your dietary management office, kitchen, or larger corporate dietary management program with multiple facilities.